Hi, I’m Magda!

I’m a passionate food scientist, recipe developer and creator of Good Food Discoveries with an unwavering obsession for creating delectable homemade dishes and discovering recipes from around the world.

I grew up in a big family where food and coffee were the center of the universe (literally!). We had all these rituals around food and coffee that made us feel safe and happy. We would eat dinner together and then indulge in a homemade cake and a cup of coffee while enjoying each other’s company. One thing is sure – it deeply rooted a love for food and coffee in my heart.

Fast forward to today, and I’m a proud mama of two adorable girls. And I have to admit – cooking with kids can be a wild ride sometimes! So whenever you’re cooking for your family, friends, or even just for yourself, I’m here to be your culinary guide, helping you explore a world of delicious and thoroughly tested recipes.

Food isn’t just about the recipes – it’s also about the experience.

The fun doesn’t stop at just recipes! The smells, tastes, textures, and feelings that come with food can make a big impact on our lives. Growing up in a family where food and coffee were very important, I learned to love and appreciate all the different aspects of cooking and baking.

On Good Food Discoveries, I share the most delicious recipes and expert tips on food, coffee, and wine. From the best coffee beans to use in your morning brew, to the perfect wine pairing for your next dinner party. I want to help you explore and enjoy the entire culinary experience.

Let’s discover some good food together!

Love and flavour,


I primarily collaborate with brands in the spaces of food products, home and kitchen goods and sustainability. If you’re a brand looking to get in touch, email me at magda@goodfooddiscoveries.com and let’s create something wonderful together!